a good day starts with a good wake-up
Slipso is a friendly device that is focused on changing your habits to lead you a fresh wake up experience. It is your personal Sleeping Manager that measures, monitors and controls the sleeping.
bio-alarm of the future
Slipso is an awearable bio-alarm device that continuously tracks your sleeping and dynamically wakes you up during the best possible light stage of your sleep, helping you to wake up easily and start your day more vital.
wake up better
Even after a long night sleep, did you ever feel tired when your alarm goes off to wake you up? This situation might happen when you got woken up during your deep sleep phase. During the sleep a person goes different sleeping phases which are light sleep, deep sleep and REM sleep. However, it is the worse to wake up when the alarm goes off during the deep sleep then you fell tired and groggy. But if you are awoken during the lightest stage of sleep you will feel more refreshed and energetic. For example, if you set your alarm for 7am, SLIPSO will wake you up when if it detects your lightest stage of sleep at 6.40 depend on your sleeping habits and your cycles.
Slipso is based on the idea of awareness, if you have a weight in your house And if you keep track of your weight everyday then it is more likely to have better control on your weight. SLIPSO is an intelligent device where day by day it is getting to know more about your sleeping habits and your room conditions. Like your optimal sleeping time, average sleep cycle, time to go bed, time to go out from the bed, room temperature, humidity and more than all the collected data gathered in the cloud, processed by smart algorithms to give you better waking up experience and awareness. Moreover it is going to help both you to save time and be more energetic.
aweareble and slim design
SLIPSO is an awearable technology that is designed to be slim, that fits under your bed lining. With its innovative clipper it is so easy to stable it to the corner of the bed. You can feel the SLIPSO working by its lights by slightly tapping to it. Slipso is designed to be an abstract seashell. Slipso is designed to fit in the corner of the bed and to be slim at the same time. Sea shells stays in the sea bed and they are sensitive to the movements as slipso. Sea shells are the way pointers.
sync and access
The Slipso Cloud management lets you to access your data through your mobile device. We are storing and analyzing this data through cloud computing and feeding you back for your best sleep.

    Movement Tracking

  • Time of went to bed/out from the bed
  • Time of Fall asleep/Wake up
  • Sleeping Efficiency
  • Environmental Tracking

  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Smart Alarm

  • Wakes you up in the lightest phase of your sleep
Berkan Dincay
Lead Designer & electronics
Furkan Cengiz
mobile developer
Ozan Kayıkçı
industrial product designer
Mert Celep
Backend developer
Jesus Bergua
graphics designer
Thanks to the latest advancements in the technology, Sensev Technology is trying to combine the latest technology in every part of its products as in sensing elements, computational parts, manufacturing technics and the intelligent algorithms to innovate its products Sensev Technology founded to observe and contribute to the transformation of Human Life for the better. We are developing high tech tools for you that can assist you in the journey of self-awareness. We are designing wearable devices for you and your home to know yourself. The company is established in 2013 by the help of Ministry of Science Industry and Technology in İstanbul Turkey. We are a group of engineers, students, academicians and designers that are trying to improve the human and machine relations, ease-of-use and simplicity.
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working hard
We are working hard to make Slipso better, for now it is not publicly available, but you can pre-order it by filling the email field.